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英国 支持KVM的VPS,有优惠码 | _站长俱乐部站长俱乐部

英国 支持KVM的VPS,有优惠码

Custom VPS Group - KVM Custom
Default settings is for the following but each component can be upgraded as shown just select from the dropdown list:
256 mb ram (upgradeable to 8 gb)
16 gb Disk Space (upgradeable to 240 gb)
160 gb Bandwidth (upgradeable to 960 gb)
1 CPU core (upgradeable to 4 CPU cores)
1 IP address (upgradeable to 5 IPs)
Cost £4.95 per month 常规价格:4.95英磅
Use promo code KVMBETA for 60% one time discount or KVMRECUR for 40% recurring discount limited to first 100 orders

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